First time trying Yoga

yogaHappy Tuesday Y’all! I have been thinking about doing Yoga for a long time but never knew where to start. Well after receiving several suggestions from my fellow bloggers and a slight kick in the butt from another blogger, she knows who she is, I did my first 20 minutes today. I first watch two videos by Rodney Lee then did them along with him. It is definitely going to take some getting use to, but I think this was a step in the right direction.Β 

yoga catTo start with I am planning to do Yoga three times a week. I am going to try some of Rodney Lee’s other videos. Considering I do have a lot of back and leg pain I think it is smart to start off slowly so I don’t burn myself out or cause more pain, but I am going to continue with this journey. I really need to get my body used to doing these moves as I think it might have been a shock to my system. I am fairly active in the winter months as I am a decent snowboarder. I am by no means a pro but I can hold my own out there!

yoga cat 2I want to thank all of you that gave me the great suggestions and those who gave me the push I needed to actually stop thinking about it and just do it! I am sure it will get easier each time I do my exercises. If anyone has watched any other Yoga YouTube videos that you found to be a good experience, please let me know. Again, thank you all for all your great comments! I hope the rest of your week is great!


Always, AlyssaHope for cure

19 thoughts on “First time trying Yoga

  1. Hi Alyssa,

    Yes yoga is so cool. I am terrible at keeping up with it but when I do, I love the way I feel even if it is for a little bit. I do You can Do It Yoga for MS Volume 2. Here is the website If you get a chance to try anything let me know your thoughts.

    Take Care and Keep Pushing Forward


  2. I was skeptical of yoga at first, then I learned that I could modify some of the poses to suit my comfort level. I find it very beneficial now. Just do what you can manage, and progress from there.
    Peace and love,


  3. Good for you! If you have the legs for snowboarding, you can surely handle some warrior poses. πŸ˜‰ I have a love/hate relationship with yoga but always feel amazing when I am done. I definitely agree with Kindra that pose modification is key.


  4. I love yoga! So great on so many levels. If you’re new to it I would strongly recommend you find a class if at all possible. Just for a while. When you can’t see yourself it can be very easy to get poses wrong, and that can be dangerous and cause injury. An instructor will help you modify poses to your level, and make sure your joints are in correct alignment so you learn how they should feel, rather than just what they look like. I do a lot of YouTube videos by Leslie Fightmaster. She’s great!


    • Thank you so much! I do want to try a class because I know an instructor will be able to help me more! Thank you for referring me to a YouTube video. I appreciate your help. I am very new with Yoga and have done it for a couple weeks now!


  5. Yoga is great for body, mind, and spirit… I love it. I have Rodney and his wife, Colleen’s videos, too. I love following her instructions. And I always look for gentle yoga classes at studios when I go. Restorative or Yin Classes are both great for those of us dealing with health issues!! Good for you!!


  6. Hey πŸ™‚ welcome to the Yoga Family πŸ™‚ I practice with Kinoyoga and Boho beautiful on Youtube. Kinoyoga is amazing if you want to know the right alignment for one particular posture you struggle with and Boho beautiful has full routines for around 20-40 minutes. Keep it up and Namaste πŸ™‚

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