We made it through Monday!

cropped-believeI hope everyone had a good start to the week! I know some of you in the UK had the day off from work, so I hope you enjoyed your time! As promised, I am going into this week with a positive mind that my pain will start to ease up more and more each day. I can say that my headache remained under control today. The pain I have been dealing with in my right shoulder through my fingertips is lingering but has improved some. Unfortunately, my legs and back still hurt pretty bad but I really hope they will start to improve as the days go on.

I still really want to give Yoga a chance as I have heard it has helped a lot of people. There are so many Yoga videos on YouTube so I don’t even know which ones to try. Of course I know it is best to start with something for beginners but still haven’t a clue what is best. Does anyone have any suggestions?

It is looking like the heat wave we have been dealing with is going to give us some relief! Instead of being close to 100 degrees it is going to be in the 80’s. I never thought I would say this, but I am so ready for summer to be over! Until next time, y’all have a great week!

Hope for cure


Always, Alyssa

30 thoughts on “We made it through Monday!

  1. Hi Alyssa, happy Monday! I recently got a Yoga DVD from Amazon called Gentle Yoga with Jessica Smith. It has four twenty-minute yoga flows, with each one focusing on something different; ie, neck&shoulders, back&chest, hips&knees, and total body. I haven’t done all of them yet, but the ones I have done were pretty gentle, and she uses some props, such as a high back chair, bolster or pillows, etc. to make them easier for us. The Mayo Clinic also has a Fibromyalgia DVD that has a yoga practice specifically for fibromyalgia, but would probably be good for most chronic pain conditions as well. Rodney Yee does the Yoga part of that one. Have a great week — I hope your pain subsides significantly!


  2. I do some yoga. But I like yoga, and I liked yoga before I got sick. I’m not sure how much it really ‘helps’, other than it’s nice to enjoy something. My big goal with it was just for it to help me use muscles I wasn’t using otherwise (due to the horrid-level fatigue). I think maybe it does ease stiffness and soreness a little though … not entirely sure. (Also, my CFS soreness might behave differently to your MS soreness.)

    Anyway. I’ve noticed people tend to rush to recommend it as a treatment/cure for pretty much everything, and I don’t know about that. But there’s no harm in giving it a try (disclaimer: unless you have a medical reason to avoid certain types of exercise or exercise altogether), and maybe you’ll like it. I tend to watch Yoga with Adriene on youtube. She has a bunch of short, gentle ones. And I like the way she talks.


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