Never Give Up Hope!

hope 2I hope everyone has had a great weekend and is as ready as you can be for the work week to start! I always say that the weekends are too short and this one really has been. On top of all the other pain issues I have had for a few weeks now, I have had a terrible headache since Friday! Honestly, this is the first bad headache I have had since I stopped taking Gilenya. Thank goodness it is finally getting better today!!

Im in the fight of my life16 years ago when I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis I said that I would never let this disease control my life. I promised myself to not let this disease defeat me and I was going to be stronger than it! Over the past few weeks, while dealing with the Pseudo Relapse, I haven’t kept my word to myself. I have been frustrated and a little down about it because I was so tired of dealing with the increased pain. Well, it is the start of a new week and I am going to be true to my word and be positive about things again. It takes way more energy to be negative than it does to be positive. I know that my pain is going to ease up and I can get back to normal. For the past few weeks all the negativity I was feeling didn’t help me get well again. In fact, I always believed that if you think negative then all you are going to experience is negative. I am going into this new week with the thoughts that I am going to start feeling better! My pain is going to ease up and I am going to start taking breaks when I know I need to! I am also going to start not being so hard on myself. 

My goal of this blog has been to be able to help and inspire others to stay strong. I had a goal that by the end of the month I wanted to have 100 followers and could possibly have a good impact on them. I am so proud to say that as of today, I have reached my goal and then some. I truly hope that my posts will help, educate, inspire and have a positive impact on everyone who reads my posts. Thank you so much for reading my blog! Please if you have any comments I really love reading them. I do always respond to all your comments because I truly love being able to connect with so many wonderful people. 

I hope you have a great week!!!

Hope for cureAlways, Alyssa

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