Still in pain and frustrated

frustrationFor those of you that have already been following my blog, you know that I have been dealing with what they say is a “Pseudo Relapse” for going on three weeks now. I have been suffering with excessive and continued pain in my back, legs and right shoulder through my finger tips during this time. It is an understatement to say that I am getting frustrated and discouraged about this issue. I am doing everything the doctor told me to do but there hasn’t been any success in ending my pain. I am even trying a new medicine that is supposed to help with neuropathy issues but I honestly haven’t really noticed much of a change. Now I know she said that it would probably take a few weeks for this medication to really start working but I guess I just want results faster. I might not be the most patient person in the world!

For those of you that are following my blog have you ever experienced a Pseudo Relapse? Like I said before, I have had MS for 16 years and I just heard of this a few weeks ago. I just want to know if anyone has any idea how long this typically lasts for. I know that rest, limiting stress and staying hydrated in this insanely hot weather are important ways to feel better, but I have been doing all of this and still feel pretty bad. 

I started this site a little over a month ago and it has been a great experience. So many of you have commented and given some really great advice. I can’t even begin to tell you how much you have all helped me. I am learning so much for each of you. I am so thankful for my husband and all my family supporting me through this exciting experience of starting my blog. I also appreciate their continued support as I struggle to get back to my normal self again without pain.

Again, thank you for all of your comments. I always respond because I feel that being able to connect with you is so important. I hope the rest of your week goes well!

Hope for cureAlways, Alyssa


42 thoughts on “Still in pain and frustrated

  1. Alyssa, I’m so sorry you’re having so much pain right now. I definitely know that feeling of discouragement that comes with the unrelenting pain. There are days when I get down, but then something will happen that reminds me to keep pressing forward. Hope you feel better soon.

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    • Thank you Terri! I know things will get better at some point. I just want it all to end sooner than later! I try not to let this disease control my life but sometimes it is hard! I want to also thank you for saying you will follow my blog. I hope that some of what I post will help you as well. My goal of this blog is to help others!

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    • Thank you so much! I am trying to stay positive and do a pretty good job at it, most of the time. I am just a little frustrated right now! I know it will get better in time!! I hope you have a great day and take care!

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  2. Hey girl!! I just wanted to stay your sunny personality is shining through your words. I just wanted to say keep pushing and stay positive. Before my husband died we went to a church in San Diego for awhile, we heard something there I will never forget. The preacher said, “How many of you are experiencing a storm right now?”
    A lot of people raised their hands.
    He said, “Let me explain some things about storms.
    1. No one is exempt from storms throughout their lives. Everyone experiences storms. This includes the rich, the poor, healthy, white, black, everyone.
    2.Storms can happen at any time. They can be back to back or just every once in a while. They may be relentless or calm.
    3.But the most important thing you need to know about a storm is that it never lasts. The sun always comes back out!”

    Keep looking up for the sunshine girl!! You will get through this relapse and pain!

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    • Thank you so much for your very sweet comment. This was very inspiring! I really appreciate you sharing this with me. I will definitely always remember this. I hope you are doing well and thank you again for your support!!


  3. Hi Alyssa, I just spent half an hour reading through your blog and what a positive lady you are! I don’t have MS but I know what it is like to experience the pain, the frustration, and the fatigue on a daily basis . I hope you start to feel better soon and the blog helps to get you through the hard times.It’s good to share and there is a fantastic community spirit here and we are good listeners! Take care xx

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    • Thank you so much for your encouraging words. My blog has been so incredibly helpful. It allows me to get my feelings out and get feedback. Everyone has been amazing. I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to read through my blog. I honestly try to be positive because it really takes a lot more energy to be negative! Take care and thank you again for your support ♡

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  4. I can’t imagine the challenge of being in pain and I don’t know much about MS, but I do believe that we all have gifts to give. Keep on looking for ways to give your unique gifts to the world. Take care and keep reaching out for the help that you need.

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  5. Hi Alyssa.. thanks for your note about Vitamin D and I hope that will help eventually it takes time. I am sure that the doctor and your own research has indicated what nutrients are important to you such as the B vitamins but I think this booklet by Dr. Allan Bowling brings it all together very well. You might find interesting,-Minerals,-and-Herbs-in-MS_-An-Introduction.pdf I hope that you are out of pain soon… best wishes Sally

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  6. I think that after so much time of struggling, with pain, of trying various things etc it’s only to be expected that you want improvements more quickly and find yourself getting frustrated. I’ve lost so much patience over the years, so I empathise there. I want a new medication to work more quickly, to give me some hope that it’s actually going to help, even though we both know that getting down about it and annoyed doesn’t make things work any better or any quicker. Give yourself a break, it sounds like you’re having a pretty rough time of things. I just wanted to send a hug your way… Caz xx


    • Thank you so much! I really appreciate your kind words! I know things will improve in time and you aren’t able to rush the course. It is definitely easy to get frustrated but it doesn’t make the situation any better! I do believe that it takes more energy to be negative than it does to be positive so I try to remain positive! Thank you so much for your encouragement!


  7. Sending love and healing mojo, in a flare right now of my own chronic thing. I hate waiting on meds to work–ain’t nobody got time for that! But we have to make time. No advice from this end aside from to d more of what makes you feel good, mentally and physically, and limit the other stuff as much as you can. (Duh, right? That wasn’t helpful.) You are not alone, though. Thank you for sharing, it helps to not feel alone. Silly things I do during a flare that you may or may not enjoy include almond after bath oil–not only does it smell nice, it forces me to touch my body I need a loving way which hellps offset how often I curse it.


    • Thank you so much for sharing! You are right, waiting on medication to work is frustrating! I am so sorry for what you are going through right now. I hope things get better very soon! This blog has really let me know that I am not alone with this battle! Take care!!!


  8. Alyssa I’m so sorry that you’re in alot of pain. And of course it’ll be hard waiting for the meds to kick in. It sure does take a few weeks. But in the scheme of things that’s probably a really really long time! I hope on the meantime you can find something that distracts you from the pain! Happy weekend xx 💕😊


  9. Omg I’m so sorry to hear that. I hope you’re okay now. Best of luck to you. You’re really strong, keep that attitude up. My prayers are with you, hon


  10. All your blogs make me feel very positive…..keep it up and dnt worry everything will be fine i know it’s hard to digest but i know it will…..I’ll keep praying for ur lains to get well soon n give u a helthy fit n fine body as well n mind full if freshness n positivity overloaded


  11. Hi alyssa thanks for dropping by on my blog. I just wanted to say pain is a real problem for us as it seems to come and go. I suffer with nerve ending pain and take a drug designed for people suffering from epilepsy I dont know the name Heather my wife will tell me but with a memory like a sieve it will escape through one of the holes.Where are you if it is so Hot, I am in England and it is cold and raining here. Our son is in Qatar and he tells me it has got cooler it is only 43degrees C today! I wouldnt be able to cope in that heat. Heat and cold affect me I am in a wheelchair now but when I was first diagnosed I went to watch a football match and stood in the sunshine and collapsed when I became to hot.
    XXX Don


    • I am in the south part of the United States. WOW I have heard that England is beautiful! Do you still go to watch football games? I honestly do not deal well with any extreme temperatures, but if I had to choose I would say the cold is better, but don’t tell my husband that. He would then tell me he was right and we should move north! How long ago were you diagnosed? If you don’t mind me asking, how long have you been in a wheelchair?

      I have set a challenge for myself that I will achieve because I am stubborn and determined! I am going to do one blog a day for at least one month. If you choose to follow my blog, I hope you enjoy it!! Take care and thank you for commenting!


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