We made it through Monday!

hope 2I hope you all had a good Monday! Sadly, it was a bit difficult for me. I am still struggling pretty bad with my hands hurting, so it is hard to type and write. It is so easy to get discouraged when it seems like there isn’t an end to the pain, but I am a fighter. I push through much of the pain pretty hard!

I hope everyone was able to see the Solar Eclipse. I watched it with my husband, which was a magical experience for us to share together. We didn’t stand outside to do this because I can’t handle being in the heat long or really at all. We were able to sit in his SUV with the sunroof open and see everything perfect. Words can’t even explain how amazing this was for us.Β 

I hope you have a good day tomorrow! We are getting to Friday slowly but it will be here soon!! I will try to keep you all updated on how my pain is. Hopefully I will be able to share with you soon that at least my hands are better and in time tell you all my pains have eased down and I can be normal again. If anyone has any advice, I am always up for your comments. Every time you make a comment, it helps me through these difficult times. Take care and thank you for all your support!

Hope for cureAlways, Alyssa

7 thoughts on “We made it through Monday!

  1. Hi Alyssa, I’m sorry you’re having so much pain. It must be really difficult. Glad you saw the eclipse! Where I am, it wasn’t a total, but it was still amazing. I’m so glad we’ve connected, thanks for visiting my blog. Take care, Jenny


  2. I’m sorry you have been experiencing pain. πŸ˜• It’s difficult to function with pain. It sounds like you have a wonderful supportive husband who is there for you. That is wonderful! It was cloudy in Vegas (which isn’t often), so we couldn’t see the eclipse.


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