Who Inspires You?

InspirationWhat does it mean to be inspired? The definition of inspire is: fill with the urge or ability to do or feel something. We all come across someone in our lifetime that truly inspires us but how often do we actually talk about it or really strive to be more like that person or persons? There have been several people in my life, such as Grandparents, that have inspired me through their values and morals to be a better more compassionate and understanding person. But there is one person specifically that has had a huge impact on my own abilities to overcome challenging times with the Multiple Sclerosis with his pure determination to conquer a terrible injury, beat all the odds and be able to continue to do what he loves to do. 

Scotty Cranmer is a Pro BMX rider that is tied with the late Dave Mirra for the most X-Games Park metals. Over the fourteen appearances in the X-Games, he managed to get three gold, three silver and three bronze metals. On October 12, 2016 in Las Vegas NV, Scotty and his Monster Energy Teammates were filming a session when he caught his front wheel in a pot hole that was covered by grass, so it was unseen by all with him. Scotty didn’t even have the time to put his hands out to protect himself and ended up taking this fall directly to his face and head. Scotty did have on a helmet on as he always does but still suffered several facial fractures, cerebral hemorrhage and damage to his C4 and C5 vertebrae. If you are interested in more details about this place check out this website it is pretty fascinating. https://road2recovery.com/cause-view/scotty-cranmer shoot for the moon

Let me explain why I say Scotty Cranmer inspires me. He spent four months in the hospital not knowing what his future held for him. My husband and I have watched his daily YouTube videos for years of him riding his bike doing incredible tricks with his crew of friends. Progressing with BMX has been his livelihood. BMX has been part of his life since he was a child when he started off racing. He went from being able to walk and ride his bike his entire life to being in a wheelchair for several months. I can’t even imagine how difficult this must have been for him. This man fought so hard and continues to fight to improve his condition. He has amazing support from his wonderful family and friends which has helped him tremendously. 

As we continue to follow Scotty’s  progression, he has proven to me that pure determination and a positive outlook goes along way! Scotty went from basically bound to a wheelchair to walking with the assistance of a walker to now he is able to walk without the walker, although does still use the walker for longer distances. We actually were able to watch him the other day get on his bike with minimal assistance and pedal his bike around his bike shop. inspire 3

Like anyone else would, I get very down and discouraged when my pain gets so bad that it hurts to walk. But then I look at all Scotty has been through and all he has accomplished and I say to myself, “You are strong, you can get through this.” I completely understand our situations couldn’t be more different but if I can keep myself in a determined and strong state of mind I can get through anything this disease throws my way. I can and will continue to do what I enjoy without allowing the MS to control me as I will control it. Scotty has refused to give up his fight where as a lot of people probably would have allowed depression to take over and just given up all hope. Scotty wants to walk without assistance, play the songs he loves on his piano, walk his beloved dogs and ride his bike with his friends. inspire

Life is all about choices. We can choose to fight and succeed or we can just give into the difficult times. Do you have someone who you really admire and get inspiration from? I would love to hear about who this is and what they have done to inspire you! Are you trying to follow this person’s lead? I really appreciate and love reading your comments. I do always respond to them as soon as I can! I hope the rest of your weekend is wonderful!

Always, AlyssaHope for cure


8 thoughts on “Who Inspires You?

  1. I was diagnosed with Secondary Progressive MS in April 2011. For decades my MS had been determined to be depression. I’d take to my bed during an episode of RRMS and, sure enough, had to be depression. I got my degree in psychology thinking I would “fix” myself until I started losing my hands. Didn’t think depression could do that. Finally got a doctor who properly diagnosed me far too late to stem the disease.


    • It is really horrible how much doctors do not pay attention to their patients needs. They seem to try to pass things off without a full check up. Are you on medication now to help the MS? Lord knows MS can cause depression as well. I wish you well and hope things do not continue to progress. It is so important to try to stay positive even dealing with this mean disease. I hope my posts will help you some!!

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