Stress, how does it affect your life??

stress-symbolStress is something that plagues us all at one point or another. Unfortunately, no one is immune to stress. There are so many suggestions that are easily available online or in books as to what you can do to manage your stress, but what will work?

I am the type of person that will get stressed about things I logically know I can not control. My problem is, I always want to help those I care most about. When someone I care about is struggling, it affects me deeply. However, I do understand how crucial managing stress is because I know how negatively it can impact MS.stress about stress Considering I can fully admit how poorly I manage my own stress, I decided to look up online ways to handle it better. Through numerous articles, I stumbled upon this one Some of the information maybe pretty obvious but it did truly open my eyes as to what I can do better.

Personally, I know what my stressors are but I tend to try to ignore them and just move forward instead of addressing the situations. It isn’t a healthy way to handle things but I do not like confrontation. Confrontation alone causes me way too much stress. My goal is to learn healthier ways to address the things in life that I know are my main stress contributors. charlie brown stress 1

My ways of coping with the stress I face in life has never included unhealthy methods such as binge eating, drinking or sleeping too much. I would say the most unhealthy way I have coped is procrastinating addressing the issue and maybe from time to time taking it out on who ever is nearby. Those unhealthy methods are not common for me though. I think my best coping mechanism is reading a good book and writing. Reading helps me to relax and not dwell on whatever it is that is weighing on my mind. Of course writing allows me to get all my emotions out so I can think of a logical way to move forward!

As always I want to end this post with a question. What do you do to manage your stress? Your responses are greatly appreciated and helpful. I enjoy reading your suggestions and experiences and will always respond to you. I hope the rest of your weekend is fantastic!


Take Care, AlyssaHope for cure


4 thoughts on “Stress, how does it affect your life??

    • That is great that you have gotten better at handling stress! It is good that you acknowledge what you do when you get stressed. It is so hard to stop some habits but you are a very strong person! Take care and thank you for your response!

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  1. Hi Alyssa, I like what you are doing here. I too have ms, secondary progressive multiple sclerosis. One of the things I do to deal with having ms is follow ms blogs, explore new ones (like yours) and exercise many skills responding to said blogs. My mind is exercised, my eyeballs, my typing skills, many aspects of my diseased life.

    What I do to manage my stress is not necessarily a simple answer. In a word or two, I try to live correctly.

    I was at an ms group the other day and I was put on the spot to answer that very question by a nurse practitioner. I deflected by jokingly saying it’s all in the rolling (of a marijuana cigarette aka a joint.) I do not even use weed medicinally or otherwise. In thinking about this, I realized what I do to deal with stress is not a simple thing. I have structured my life in the last few years to deal more effectively with having ms. I sold my house, quit working, stopped doing many things I once did, all in the name of dealing more effectively with my ms. Stress is that fight or flight feeling that comes up when things in life upset the apple cart, so to speak. So I try to avoid upsetting the apple cart.

    Thanks for blogging Alyssa and allowing me many opportunities.


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    • Thank you so much for your response! Stress is definitely a battle and it is so hard to deal with. I too think it helps following blogs and seeing how others deal with this disease. It is very therapeutic for me to write. Thank you for following my blog. I will do my best to keep the posts coming and I hope they help you and everyone else! Take Care, Alyssa

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