Finally Friday!

friday_123Happy Friday Ya’ll! I don’t know about you but it has been a very long week. I have been battling pain all week. I can’t say for sure but I think it is because I have been incredibly busy with work and fail to take breaks. I remembered earlier today that the last time I was in this much pain was in February when work was extremely busy and one person was on vacation. I thought that I had carpal tunnel because of where I was hurting. I talked to my neurologist about it and he thought it was a definite possibility so he scheduled me to be tested. I know that it was a good thing that the test was negative but then the alternative was even more disturbing to me. He told me that if it wasn’t carpal tunnel then it could be something active with my MS. He did schedule an MRI which showed lesions on my neck. The lesions on my neck were what was contributing to the pain I was going through. Finally after being on steroids for over a month the pain started to get better. 

Now that the weekend is finally here, I am sure the pain will lessen because I will be able to rest! I know that I need to learn to take necessary breaks while at work so the pain doesn’t triple by Wednesday. I have a high work ethic and want to succeed in everything I do but I do understand that I won’t be successful in anything if I allow myself to get run down.


So this weekend I am going to focus on myself, which I am not good at doing. I finished my book, “The Guardian”, last night. I highly recommend this book because it was a fantastic love story but also had a great deal of suspense! I also want to work on my next post that is about something that is one of my biggest faults, stress! Oh and I am going to start on my next book, “Forgotten Child” by Kitty Neale. Kitty Neale is an author from London. 

I hope you have a great weekend! Enjoy each day to the fullest and remember to tell those you hold dear how much you appreciate them. A little bit of appreciation goes along way!

Hope for cure


Take Care, Alyssa

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