Half way there!

66620ac38c873a069e32181d7a798400--cat-hug-kitty-catsHappy Hump Day Everyone! It has been a relatively challenging week for me. I have been struggling with constant pain for several days now. As I said on Monday considering nothing really seems to be alleviating my pain, I am going to do somethings that I love to do so I can try to ignore the pain. A few things I love to do is to read my book and write! I have a confession to make, I love Nicholas Sparks and have read at least 20 of his books!

I think maybe trying to cope with constant pain makes the days go by so much slower. I was at work for a little more than 8 hours today and it honestly felt like I was there for days! It is amazing how when you are trying to get comfortable at your desk at work in a lot of pain that the slightest of things can aggravate you even more. But my goodness trying to not lash out at those people irritating you is almost as difficult as dealing with the pain! Please tell me if I am wrong but in those situations the best defense is to be silent, which I did pretty well today! Until I decided it was a good idea to tell my boss to stop adding additional work to my plate for now due to the increased pain and I was already extremely busy. I think I caught him off guard because I normally love the extra work. 


I know most people think a lot of Nicholas Sparks’s books are very similar, which is true in some aspects but to me they all have a different meaning behind them. The book I am reading now is “The Guardian”. This book is about a woman who looses her husband and shortly after her husband passes she receives a letter and a gift from him. Of course they knew he was going to die so he was preparing for his wife to have something to help her through the sadness and loneliness after he was gone. His gift to her was a Great Dane. Even though this book has its fair share of sadness, it takes a completely different turn than any other books of his I read with so much intensity!

I try to always end my posts with a question because I love reading your comments. Do you enjoy reading? What kind of books do you typically like to read and who is your favorite author? I hope you enjoyed this post and I look forward to hearing from you!

Hope for cure

Take Care, Alyssa


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