Never loose sight of your passions and dreams!

dreamsLife can get very difficult and challenging from time to time. We all get caught up between work, family responsibilities, health issues and so many other things that randomly arise.

It is so easy to loose sight of our dreams and passions. Through all of what life throws our way, do you remember what your passions truly are? Do you remember what you dreamed of doing with your life before reality caught up with you? Some people are lucky enough and are doing what they dreamed of but not everyone was that fortunate. I know my dreams never involved what I am doing now.


Since I was young, I always wanted to be a writer. I wanted to go to school for Broadcast Journalism. I did not end up going that route in my life but it might not have been meant to be. I may not have pursued my dream of a career in journalism but that doesn’t mean I forgot how truly passionate I am about writing. I love writing poetry, which truly comes straight from the heart. Writing has helped me get my feelings straight in my mind about the obstacles that dealing with Multiple Sclerosis brings. It is safe to say, writing is my outlet from any struggles I might face. 

Through this blog I am actually experiencing my dreams! It is wonderful to be able to choose something to write about and share it with you. I hope you are enjoying reading what I write as much as I am enjoying writing it for you. No matter what your dreams are or how unattainable they seem, you really can do anything you set your mind to. So let me ask you, what are your passions and dreams? What are you doing to pursue these passions and dreams? 

dream 1

Thank you so much for reading this post! If you know of someone that has been battling MS for years or has been recently diagnosed or anyone that is dealing with hardships, please feel free to share this site with them. My goal is to be an encouragement to those that are struggling. I also really do appreciate and enjoy reading your comments, so please let comments to your thoughts on this blog!

Take care, AlyssaHope for cure

2 thoughts on “Never loose sight of your passions and dreams!

  1. Keep the posts coming. I look forward to my email notification telling me there is new content. I appreciate you sharing and I’m enjoying getting to know you.


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