Pain, Pain and More Pain

Hope and faithMonday has been quite a  long day! I don’t really know what is causing it, but my pain level is a lot worse than normal. I swear I hurt from head to toe and nothing seems to alleviate my pain, at all.  Even our sweet baby girl, Chloe, laying on my legs isn’t helping tonight. I think the pain in my right arm from my shoulder to my finger tips is probably from a lesion on my neck but I am not sure! 

I figured the best thing to do is things I enjoy to get my mind off of the pain! Considering I love writing, I thought I would give it a try! I have said it before, keeping your mind occupied when things aren’t going perfect is a good distraction. Fingers crossed it works.

I know I have several fellow bloggers that deal with either MS or other chronic pains, so let me ask ya’ll a question. What do you do when you are in a great deal of pain? Have you found any miracles that make the pain even a little easier to manage?

Future posts will get back to the positive manner that I strive to do! Today has just not been a good day. I definitely appreciate your support and any comments you have!

Hope for cureTake Care~Alyssa



4 thoughts on “Pain, Pain and More Pain

  1. Just doing something I enjoy that’s at home and not stressful. Usually I’ll take pictures of Dizzy in the garden or round the house. I love creating things and it really helps on bad days. Hope the pain gets easier soon. xxx


  2. Darling, I like to escape the world. You know I don’t have MS, but I do suffer with depression. I LOVE to go to my empty second bedroom, sit my booty and back against the windows with my legs crossed and eyes closed. I like to bring myself to a place full of butterflies, rainbows, and unicorns. I love to go to a place where nothing controls me.


    • Depression is difficult to deal with. But the important thing to remember is there is help out there. Some things in life we can’t fight on our own, we sometimes need extra help. When people don’t get help for things like depression, they end up self medicating which normally makes the issues worse. Life is short, it is important to do what you enjoy!


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