Fur Babies Love!

Resting together

Well it is that time yet again. It is Sunday already and another weekend has gone by so incredibly fast. I don’t know about you, but I think the work weeks are painfully long and our weekends are unbelievably short! But no matter how fleeting the weekend was, it still gave me time to rest, read, write and spend quality time with my husband, Jon and our two beloved cats, Chloe and Sundance!


We have had Chloe for 13 years wonderful years now. She has to be the most loving, loyal and sweetest cat ever! She is also astoundingly smart. She seems to always know exactly when and where I am having pain. For instances, when I am struggling with one of my ever so frequent headaches, Chloe will come lay on my pillow near my head. Or when my legs are causing me so much discomfort that I start thinking there is nothing that will help them feel better, Chloe will come and lay on my legs. She doesn’t just lay anywhere on my legs but will literally lay on the area that hurts the most. Our kind heart baby girl is trying to alleviate my pain with her soothing purr. With all her sweetness, she without a doubt has her other side that doesn’t put up with anything she doesn’t like. She can go from being loving to hateful in less than 2 seconds, especially if you touch her back feet. We think that she must be ticklish. Her facial expressions are pretty amusing!

Sundance 2

We then also have a younger fur baby, Sundance! He is about 5 years old. When we took him in, we did not know anything about his medical history because his previous owner passed away. After a couple of weeks, we found out that he had asthma, so we have to give him medicine daily to control that. Even if we had known this when we brought him home, it wouldn’t have changed our minds. He is so sweet, full of joy and laughter! Oh and he is a true ladies man! It is hilarious because he follows me around everywhere I go and if another female comes to our house, he will follow her as well.

It was a slow start for Chloe and Sundance to build a loving relationship. They have become great friends over the year and a half or so Sundance has lived with us. We always find them laying close to each other sleeping. Of course they have their little spats when Chloe decides to smack him a few times for no reason at all. But Sundance is always a perfect gentlemen and never hits back, he just rolls over to surrenders to the attack!

It is a wonderful feeling to be greeted at the door after a long day at work by two beautiful cats. They are both always so excited to see us when we get home and have a look of complete happiness on their faces. 

Chloe and Sundance offer both my husband and I unconditional and non judgmental love. They don’t care if I come tired and temporarily grouchy, they just want to be petted and loved on. They are very therapeutic and do a great job relaxing me. Watching them play or follow each other around is so amusing.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Again please share this site with anyone you know that has been been living with MS for years or has been newly diagnosed. Or please share with someone that might need some extra encouragement and inspiration!

122311342.1 (1)Take Care, Alyssa



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