Music Is My Therapy



butterfly noteYa’ll probably already know that I want to keep all of my posts positive and uplifting to hopefully be an inspiration to those going through difficult times.  Whether you are dealing with the struggles that living with MS can bring or another difficult time, I want you to be able to visit my site and find encouragement. But allow me to be completely honest with you as well, I am in pain everyday all day. For those of you that have MS or pain that is caused from something else, you can really understand where I am coming from. The pain I deal with alone can be very frustrating but then add that with driving home from work with my feet feeling like they are on fire and it brings about an entirely different frustration.  

To combat my frustrations of “driving” in stand still traffic with my feet on fire, I just turn up the music! Music has this magical way of relaxing me. It helps get my mind off of my burning feet and the horrible 5:00 traffic. I also have my earbuds in all day long at work. This not only helps me to concentrate better which makes my work work efficient but it also eliminates almost all of the annoying sounds around me. I am very sensitive to the smallest sounds, like gum chewing, smacking and popping. I know it sounds silly but this drives me crazy!

There are so many songs that I find inspiring but there is one that I really want to share with you today. This song gives me so much strength, hope and determination in battling MS. The artist is David Osmond, son of Alan Osmond, who was the founder of the 1970’s group, The Osmonds. David was diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis at the age of 26. He already had some knowledge of the disease because his father, Alan, has Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. David wrote “I Can Do This” to help people cope with this disease. I have included a link so you can listen to this absolutely amazing song!

Do you have any music that inspires you? Are there any songs that reach you on so many levels? As I have already said, music is my therapy in life and I am always interested to listen to new music. Please leave a comment to share with me any music that you find inspiring or just a song that when you hear it automatically relaxes you and makes you smile! I always enjoy your comments and feedback. 

Thank you for visiting my blog and reading this post! I appreciate all of your suggestions for future posts and support. Please share this site with anyone you know that has battled MS for years or was newly diagnosed or anyone that might need a little encouraging words!

4ef436d37fc2ec3a193105d668818c71--treble-clef-heart-tattoo-templatesTake Care, Alyssa


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