What brings you joy?

peace and cuare What is it that brings joy to your life? What helps you relax and escape the same day to day activities, even just for a short amount of time? Do you have hobbies that make all the horrendous things that go on in this world disappear? With all of the negative and completely mind blowing things we see every time we turn the television on, it is important to find something that will allow us to break free from reality for a little while.

Of course society makes everything all about spending a lot of money. But there is still so much you can do that can be both enjoyable and relaxing that either doesn’t require any money at all or very little. (As you can see, I am a very caution spender!) 

For instance, writing costs absolutely no money at all and can be a fantastic outlet of emotions. You can share what you write with others or you can have a personal journal where you write all your feelings down just to get them off your chest. It is amazing how much a pen and piece of paper can relieve so much stress and pain. It is only an added bonus if what you write can help someone else that is dealing with similar issues as you.

Sitting down with a good book can be very inexpensive and extremely relaxing. With all the negative that continues to occur on a daily basis in not just our country but all over the world, being able to read a fiction book can help escape realities of life. It is nice to come out of the craziness of the world and step into someone else’s creative imagination for a little while!

Something else that I find so relaxing is getting a manicure and pedicure. Yes, I know getting a manicure and pedicure can be somewhat expensive but, when you walk out of the nail salon you feel so incredible. Considering I experience a lot of leg and feet pain from the MS, this is just so therapeutic for me. For the amount of pain in my legs and feet that I deal with on a daily basis, the amount I will spend on a pedicure is worth it. Thankfully my husband fully agrees with that and is supportive when I tell him that is what I want to do on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. No, that doesn’t mean he goes with me to get one too but he does encourage me to do so and to enjoy it!

Living with MS can be very challenging at times. Sometimes it is a day to day battle of emotions. Then some days are an hour to hour battle of emotions. But instead of dwelling on any pain I am experiencing, I try to occupy my mind with something else. If I sit around and allow that pain to consume my life I am afraid I am going to miss out on the good things that life has to offer, like snowboarding in the winter or going to have lazy days at the beach in the summer! I of course do snowboard in moderation so that I do not overexert myself and have my lazy days at the beach at a minimum amount of time to not get overheated. Even those that do not have MS but are faced with other struggles, maybe trying to focus some energy on something enjoyable will give way to the answers that are being searched for. Or maybe giving the mind a break from the obstacles that are being faced will make the situation easier to handle. 

Thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time to read my post! Just like my previous post this wasn’t strictly for those that suffer from MS but can be very helpful for everyone! Please feel free to make comments if this post was helpful to you and please feel free to contact me if there are any suggestions you have that you would like to see on future posts. I love doing research and sharing information that I find. Also, please share this site with anyone you know that has either been battling MS for years or was newly diagnosed or anyone that has any other diseases that cures haven’t been discovered yet or even anyone that needs some words of encouragement, after all that is what my goal is to help others through hard times! I really do appreciate all of your support!

Hope for cureTake Care, Alyssa


6 thoughts on “What brings you joy?

  1. For me I enjoy my blog and nails. Sitting down at my nail station and getting creative is my therapy. Also my faith and the wonderful support system that I have.


    • I am glad to hear your nail station helps you through the difficult times. It is so great that you hold onto your faith and you have a wonderful support system, those are the things that will get you through it all!


    • Thank you! It is important for us all to give our minds a break! I am focusing a lot right now on what brings me joy. Writing and reading help me relax so that I don’t feel the pain as much. I mean, it is always there but yes focusing on something else is great!! Take care~Alyssa

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  2. I have a different chronic condition, but it includes pain. My small joints are the worst (knuckles, wrists, and feet.)

    Last month, I was visiting my mom to distract her during a stressful time. I suggested we go for pedicures, knowing she would enjoy that (and having neglected my own toenails for a long while.)

    It was kind of crushing when all of it was so painful, I had a hard time keeping a cheerful face to do what I was there for–make MY MOM happy. I don’t think the nail tech was bad; I was just so tender after flying cross country and having a rough early summer anyway… 😦

    We do have to recognize and really honor what brings us joy, but those days when it feels the joy is trapped out of reach? Those are my worst days.


    • I totally understand! That was so nice of you to try to help your mother while she was going through something stressful. I can relate to that. My mother has been going through some crazy things lately, so I suggested we get together tomorrow to help her come back to reality. We will see how that goes. Now, I am not suggesting our mothers are anything alike, I was just sharing that thought with you.

      I am so sorry the pedicure was so awful for you. I can’t imagine dealing with pain and how you must have felt flying across the country. I hope the rest of your visit was pleasant. That really was so nice of you to do to make your mother happy. What we go through in life to make others happy!

      So what do you do that brings you happiness. I mean besides flying half way across the country to see your mother:)!?


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