Importance of a Strong Support System

fight ms butterflyEveryone in this world has something they are going through in their life. Whether you are dealing with a break-up, starting a new relationship, loss of a job, loss of a loved one, financial struggles or getting diagnosed with an illness that has no cure,yet. All of these troubles are difficult to get through if you do not have someone there to help you see that there is hope. Being able to talk to someone you trust about something that is troubling you will not only reduce extra stress but will also help you process what you are being faced with.

Like everyone else, I have bad days. There are times I have come home from working a long 8+ hour day so exhausted and in so much pain that I am just about in tears. I am almost always home from work before my husband, Jon, so I will sit on the couch with our ever so loving cats and vent to them and even cry. As soon as Jon walks in the door he can always tell that something is wrong even if I am not in tears. He will automatically come over to give me a hug and so kindly ask what is wrong. I am able to share with him how frustrated I am about how much my back and legs hurt and that my right arm from my shoulder to my finger tips hurt from typing all day. After listening to all my complaints and trying to help me remember that the pain will get better but I do need to rest in order to get better. I am so thankful that Jon is so supportive, understanding and patient with me during my negative moments. Anyone that knows me, especially him, knows that I am too stubborn for my own good and I am horrible about just sitting back to relax. So he does everything in his power to take care of, listen to me and make sure that I am as comfortable as I can get. 

No matter what we are dealing with in life it is impossible to remain positive all of the time. We all have our bad days. We might feel helpless to a specific situation or we might feel like things will never change or we might even start wondering why me, what did I do so wrong to deserve this much pain and frustration. It is okay to feel like that and it doesn’t make you weak, it just makes you human. My Grandfather, who was a very strong and wonderful man, use to tell me “No matter what you are going through in life, there is always someone else that is going through something worse.” To me, those are some very powerful words to live by. I have always kept that in my mind when I start feeling sorry for myself when I am struggling with pain issues. It is normal to get upset about something but is so important to keep your head held high and remember tomorrow is another day and things will get better!

Thank you for returning to visit by blog. I hope that this post was helpful to everyone. This blog is meant to help keep spirits lifted and even be a resource if you need someone to connect with. Please share this site with anyone you know that is battling an incurable illness or someone who needs help with struggles.  

Hope for cureBest Wishes and thank you for your support,





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