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peace and cuareHi and thank you so much for visiting my blog! This is my first time ever doing a blog and it has honestly taken a lot of time for me to get the courage to do it. Putting personal information out there is never very easy but my goal is to really help other people who are dealing with this disease and learn from others as well. I am just getting started with this blog but I am planning to share some information that I have found pretty valuable. I am going to in the next few days discuss how my two main issues are the high humidity and stress and how they do cause problems for anyone but definitely those dealing with MS. I plan to discuss how really any extreme temperatures whether it be too hot or too cold cause issues with MS. I know that not everyone that might follow my blog has MS but they might know someone that does and then this blog can help them as well! I honestly only know a few people with MS, so this will open my eyes to more and allow me to meet new people:)!

I am very excited for this new adventure and hope everyone that visits enjoys this as well! Thank you again for visiting and I hope you have a great evening!


22 thoughts on “First Post

  1. I agree with you Alyssa, that putting yourself out there and opening up to others about personal challenges in your life is difficult. I also believe that getting your story out there will be encouraging and uplifting to others. I mean after all you were only a young woman when first diagnosed and you’ve managed to conquer every obstacle that came your way. It’s encouraging to know that even though you’re living with MS and dealing with the problems associated with this disease you’ve chosen to helping others a priority in your journey. I am amazed by your strength and perseverance and wish you all the success in moving forward on this journey.


    • Thank you for your kind words and encouragement Mom! I think as this information spreads it might be helpful to others going through what I am going through. It is so important to stay positive even during the difficult times!


    • You are very welcome! My goal with this blog is to help others! Sometimes with us living with this disease we feel lonely. I just started this and I am over the moon excited to continue. I hope I can have a huge impact on a least one person. I want to thank you for choosing to follow!


    • I am so excited to learn about what other people are going through and how they deal with it. My blog is going to have a lot of information I have learned that may help someone else and I will post the hardships I deal with daily. This is my first time ever doing a blog but I am going to try my best to make it great! I am passionate about MS, helping others and I love to write! Thank you for everything@


    • Thank you so much for your comment! You are very welcome! I really do want to help others get through this frustrating battle. I am going to try to do posts every other with great information that I have found to be helpful and on some days I will share my challenges.


  2. Alyssa you have the most important tool in your arsenal to deal with MS: attitude! It also helps to get as fit as possible and stay away from sick people. I have been dealing with MS for more than half my life but I am still enjoying that life. Yep, you guessed it, I got attitude! Thanks for following my blog. I hope you enjoy your visits.

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  3. My aunt found out that she had MS about 13 years ago. She’s doing well, but her anxiety is pretty bad. It’s wonderful to see and hear how other individuals handle it. I’m hoping for a cure for this yesterday! Lol


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